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CATC (Combined Annual Training Camp Jan 2012)

The very first experience of our Cadets- As it was our first experience to be the part of NCC, CAT Camp. This camp was held at Korba (district of CG) from 30 Jan to 08 Feb 2012 under the leadership and guidance of Camp Commandant- Col Anil S Pote. From SSAP IND NCC JD COY 70 Cadets have participated in this camp. In all there were 600 cadets present in the camp from various schools. Cadets were trained in Out of the six competitions viz. drill, riffle shooting, running, line area, debate, cultural five are won by SSAP Cadets.


CATC Korba- This camp was held at Korba (district of CG) from 13 Oct to 22 Oct 2012 by 28 CG BN Raigarh. The Camp Commandant was Col NS Rawat and OC, 28 CG BN Raigarh and Deputy Commandant was Lt Col SS Singh and OC, IND NCC JD Coy SSAP. From SSAP 70 cadets had participated in this camp, in all there were 650 cadets from various schools of Chhattisgarh state. Cadets were trained in drill squad, map reading, finding direction, introduction to 0.22 riffles and SLR, self defence etc. Out of the seven competitions SSAP cadets have won six viz. Drill, riffle shooting, volley ball, race, extempore, cultural.


CATC Pendra Road- This camp was organized by 7 CG NCC BN, Bilaspur from 12 Jan to 21 Jan 2013. The Camp Commandant was Col B K Pandey and OC, 7 CG NCC BN. Cadets were trained in drill squad, riffle training, map reading, finding direction, grid reference, fire safety etc. From SSAP 51 Cadets have participated in this camp in all there were 595 cadets in this camp. The following competitions were held in this camp viz. debate, drill, quiz, riffle shooting, sprint, cultural show and all the competitions were won by SSAP cadets.


Pt. Jawaharlal Lal Nehru rightly said ‘‘NCC is the nursery of Indian Armed forces’’. All the Cadets from class 9th of Sainik School Ambikapur went to Combined Annual Training Camp to get trained with basic NCC training on 30th January 2012. This camp was held at Korba in a stadium. It was noon when we reached the camp. First day was an introduction day for us. More than 600 cadets from 15 different schools of Chhattisgarh had come to attend the camp. On the second day, Camp Commandant Colonel Anil S Pote gave opening address which filled all of us with energy and enthusiasm. Those ten days were learning for us and we learnt a lot. Special classes were arranged for us focusing on traffic rules, fire fighting, first-aid etc. The best class which I liked was fire fighting. A team of fire brigade from Korba came and demonstrated the different types of fire and means of fire fighting equipments. Qualified doctors from Apollo Hospital, Bilaspur came and given tips on first-aid. Another best part of the camp were guns. We became more familiar with LMGs and SLRs and learnt firing. Cdt. Vivek Aditya Singh stood first in firing competition and Cdt. Avneendra Singh stood second in the whole Junior Division. Cdt.Alekh Jaiswal and I also brought glory to the school by winning the debate competition. Our school stood first in line area competition and drill competition too. On 8th February we returned back. All of us enjoyed every second spent in the camp.

Lakshya Anand (10th ‘B’)


We have heard lot of incidents and encounters about CATC camp and were keen to have the same experience as our successors have been telling to us once they have returned from CATC Jan 12. We all were eagerly waiting for our turn and bolt from the blue it is been informed to us that we all are shortly going to have mesmerise the very incidents and encounters which we all are hearing for the last eight months.
Our journey begins from SSAP at 0730 hrs to Korba by bus. The journey was joyful and full of enjoyment. We reached Korba at 1:00 pm .We kept our luggage and then went for lunch. That day we just had our game followed by dinner. Next day we had P.T and opening address by camp commandant Col. N.S. Rawat. After that we had drill period in which we learnt various skills associated with drill. We were also introduced to.22mm Rifle, Map Reading and use of Compass. After lunch we all attended a lecture on Our Environment. On third day it was a same routine as we were told about map that day. The following days have shown many actions such as self defence technique, using firing extinguisher etc.

Forth day onwards our competition begins; we were divided into four companies Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. First it was extempore and I was declared the winner, next day it was volley ball this competition was also win by Alpha Company (SSAP). The 200M sprint too was win by SSAP IND JD COY Cadets namely Vivek Prakash and Kumar Saurabh.

Next we had a drill competition and it was won by Sainik School Ambikapur, cultural competition was also won by Alpha Company i.e . Sainik School Ambikapur. In .22m rifle shooting Cdt.M.S.Jayesh Naidu got second position. The only competition which we did not win was tug-war. Camp fire was the last event of this camp, SP of Korba city was our chief guest, prize distribution was heldand next day we moved back to SSAP. This camp was a very nice experience for us.

Ravi Sharma(9th ‘A’)


On 12th January 51 cadets of SSAP set off on their way to NCC camp that was held at Pendra, Bilaspur. We reached the camp site at around 2 PM. Our NCC instructor Subedar Jitendra Singh was accompanying us. At about 6 PM, we had roll call in which commanding officer of the camp B K Pandey introduced himself. There were about 695 cadets in all. Next day after the opening address our activities started which included drill, lectures, weapon handling, firing etc. We participated in many events such as debate, quiz, cultural, athletics, shooting and drill competition. We all presented our greatest strength and stood first in all those events. At last we came back to our school with beautiful memories on 21st January. Really, the experience of NCC training was excellent which we can never forget.

Rohit Singhal (8th ‘B’)

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